About Debra

When Debra was making a move away from a long career in telecommunications, her logical first step was a technical writing degree from Humber College, Ontario. Through that online program she discovered copywriting and marketing and never looked back.

Today her passion is the commercial construction market in Canada and the U.S., after successfully launching her own freelance writing company in 2010.

Why B2B commercial construction?

With a family construction business background and sales experience, former technologist-turned-copywriter Debra, understands how important it is to visually grab prospects while drilling down to the relevant facts and client benefits in her writing.

During her 20+ years in telecom, she initiated and managed several large projects. Early adoption of video conferencing was one. That means Debra knows how to expertly use technology and copywriting to get your message across.

Persuading your clients with proof

Experienced copywriters who also understand psychology and marketing know that the most important sales tool at their disposal is proof. It’s also the most difficult marketing tool to acquire.

Millions, quite possibly billions of advertising dollars have been spent in Madison Avenue agencies to learn that proof is the most important and elusive thing to work on.

Debra Robinson is the kind of copywriter who goes after those proofs, no matter the difficulty. She’ll make sure any of the copy she produces cannot be improved in strength of persuasion and tactic.

Hard-hitting short copy, case studies, emails and more…

Whether you need an order-generating website or lead generation, Debra writes persuasive online copy to get the results you want by talking directly to your best leads and clients in language they understand.

A Professional Writers’ Alliance member and voracious reader, Debra stays on top of recent copy trends. By doing this she creates professional high-demand offerings for the commercial construction market.

Meanwhile, back in her hometown, Debra, husband Bruce and their two cockapoos, Garbo and the Dude…  are enjoying life here in “The Sunshine City.”

Favorite pastimes include: Swimming, boating and gardening.

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